Each contributer must follow the terms below.

1. All pages created must be about a character, piece of clothing, or piece of furniture that you created.

2. By creating a page, the admins may use your character, villager, clothing design, or furniture design. The admins also have the right of editing and deleting any page.

3. Use proper grammar. Do not use text chat (Ex. lol! i love ur outfit!) and capitalize only when necessary. Also, use punctuation properly and add a space after using it. Example: I like pie.Do you like pie? Should be: I like pie. Do you like pie?

4. No religious content.

5. No racist content.

6. No swearing.

7. No spamming. (Ex. Typing gibberish, posting links to other sites, advertising)

All violators of these rules will be punished by the admins.